Transitional Phrases

You know what they say about the best laid plans. When I started this blog, I had the intention of revealing the evil behind the curtain of refined sugar and becoming one of those lululemon-type foodies with perfect cholesterol, blood pressure, and BMI. Needless to say that didn’t happen. I diverged from my original course, got busy, lost interest because I felt like no one was reading. To be fair, that last one is my fault because I was keeping my site on the hush-hush.

I’ll be making a couple of changes around here, actually just one change. I would say that I’m going to write more, but there’s no guarantee to that. I post when I feel I have something worth sharing. This is not meant to be a job or an obligation, but a place where sweet yet unrefined things live. The first one of those things was sugar. I like to think the second one is me, but heaven knows I am not sweet enough of the time to count.

The third, and final sweet yet unrefined bit is life. That’s right, life. When I hear someone say that life is terrible, I take the same approach that Louis C.K. takes to people saying “I’m bored.”

Life doesn’t suck. You may have a moment that may suck, but life does not suck. Life is sweet because we get to enjoy it. (I do concede that in some cases a person may have the right to say that their life sucks, but think about them for a second and ask yourself if you really have that much in common with those people)


So there you have it. The times they are a-changing. Five days from now, you’ll see just how much. I’ve been working on something. Something big. I don’t want to give even a little bit of it away, I just didn’t want to put it out there and have people say “What does this have to do with sugar? I don’t get it.” (I imagine these people speak with Valley Girl accents. Even the men.) I have now taken care of those people, and all you have to do is wait 5 days 🙂


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