Poetry Tuesday: I

I love starting things. It gives me a sense of purpose and accomplishment, like I can say “Yeah, look at me being all cool and engaged with life and stuff!” Admittedly, I tend to prefer starting things I know have an end goal, like gutting my bathroom. I’m having a grand old time hammering tile and knocking down walls because I know when I’m done the wall won’t leak anymore and there be a shiny new not-pink tub surround.

Starting habit-like things is a little harder, and I feel that a lot of people feel the same way. It’s very hard to start something when there is no tangible end-goal. I could go on about people and their need for instant gratification, but that would be getting way off track. The point is that I’m starting something. Actually, 3 somethings.

The first thing is Poetry Tuesday. Every Tuesday I will either post some poetry I have written or feature a poem I have found lying around in a book or on the internet (only ones with creditable authors, mind you). This will force me to be disciplined and write on a set schedule. I’ll still be posting regular things, but Poetry Tuesday entries will be much shorter. Excepting this post, they’ll just be a brief intro then the poem itself. The other 2 things are similar projects, but I’m starting out small and working my way up.

A couple of deets. Firstly, if you feel like stealing something I wrote, I’m flattered, but don’t do it. That would make you a jerk. I suppose I can’t stop you, but you will forever receive my distaste. Also, before I put anything on here, it’s handwritten and then typed into an electronically time-stamped document. So I can prove it’s mine. I may be paranoid, but I’m smart about it.

Secondly, yes, I will gladly take your poetry and post it here. I understand that writing poetry is a very personal thing and sometimes you want people to read it without knowing that you wrote it. All I ask is that you send it to me in an e-mail with a statement saying that you give me permission to post it, include your name, and the author credit you would like me to use (for example, if your name is Bethany Q. but you want your author name to be SoulRAGER_666).

It would also be useful if you wrote yourself a brief intro, so I can provide some backstory to your work (If you don’t I’ll just make up my own and you may or may not like it). I reserve the right to refuse your submission, because I’m associating my name with your work, so if I find it offensive, I’ll send you a polite response telling you that I’m sorry but I’m not the right avenue for you.

That being said, let’s get to the fun part! I’m going to be brave and start with something that I’ve written. This was done as an assignment for one of my literature classes. We were asked to write an English or Italian sonnet on the origin of our names; my name comes from an old Irish word meaning “bravery.” So welcome to the first installment of Poetry Tuesday and I hope you enjoy 🙂

“Inheritance of Bravery”

Look through the undulating hills,
And under roofs of moss.
A family at a modest cross,
With hearts against the chill.

As women wait, the men fulfill,
Their duties against chaos.
Fighting to regain the loss,
Their only weapon will.

Centuries later, I have forgot,
The brave, but doomed, army.
Women waited, men never came,
From where they lay to rot.
But still their brav’ry is with me,
It’s passed down in a name. –CEH


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