Poetry Tuesday: III

Happy Poetry Tuesday! I hope that your weekend was restful, and your Monday was nice. My weekend was long, busy, and super-fun (minus a minor speeding ticket), and I’m now starting my two week vacation from work (YAY!). Unfortunately, my long,busy,super-fun weekend means that I didn’t properly prepare for PT (horrible, I know). However, I did anticipate such occasions, having a small store of poetry already in dated files to be used in case of emergencies. And I declare a poetic emergency.

Anyway, this week you’l be reading my first ever attempt at a villanelle. I was entering a collection of poems into a contest, and I wanted to make sure I was submitting multiple styles. Since the villanelle is my favorite style of poetry to read, I thought I would try my hand at writing. I’m big on nature and the kind of scenery you find in rural communities, and I decided to use that as my inspiration. I can’t say that I found my attempt to be 100% successful (or even 70% successful), but I’m supposed to be my own worst critic. (Right? That’s how that’s supposed to work?) I hope enjoy this installment of Poetry Tuesday.


Freedom is flowing.
In and out of the soul it sings,
Like a strong wind blowing.

The bird, so graceful when it flies
With the air gliding over it’s wings.
Freedom is flowing.

Have you ever seen the grass grow so high,
That you become mesmerized by its dancing
When a strong wind is blowing?

A leaf in a stream goes along for the ride,
Content with whatever the future brings.
Freedom is flowing.

Don’t let time pass you by.
Don’t be knocked down by the sting
Of a strong wind blowing.

You have the freedom to touch the sky,
And grow in earnest like a flower in spring.
Freedom is flowing,
Like a strong wind blowing.-CEH



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