Poetry Tuesday: VI

Happy Poetry Tuesday! I know I said that I was starting 2 other projects, but honestly, I’ve been super busy and kind of tired. I’ve started a new job (yay!) and rushing to finish up an important project (details to follow soon!!) and I’m trying to find the best way to organize my time. I promise I haven’t forgotten. I have several drafts started, they just all read like garbage. But I’m putting it down right here, right now, that I will start my next project this Saturday.  With that said, onto the main event.

This week’s poem is by Parneshia Jones, and I think it’s appropriate for the season. For me, fall is the beginning of Family Season. The holidays are coming, everyone is coming back from any travelling they did over the summer, and old traditions are brought out of the closet and dusted off. Family comes visiting and my mom pulls down the worn wooden box with my great-grandma’s recipes. Miss Jones’ poem is a summer memory, but my congregation is in the fall. Enjoy Poetry Tuesday 🙂


Sara Ross,
Great and Grand-mother of all
rooted things waits on the family porch.
We make our way back to her beginnings.

Six daughters gather space and time
in a small kitchen.
Recipes as old as the cauldron
and aprons wrap around these daughters;
keepers of cast iron and collective

Lard sizzles a sermon from the stove,
frying uncle’s morning catch
into gold-plated, cornmeal catfish.
Biscuits bigger than a grown man’s fist
center the Chantilly laced table of yams,
black eyed peas over rice and pineapple,
pointing upside down cake.

The fields, soaked with breeze and sun,
move across my legs like Sara’s hands.
Chartreuse colored waters, hide and seek
in watermelon patches, dim my ache for Chicago.

Peach and pear ornaments
hang from Sara’s trees. Jelly jars tinted
with homemade whiskey,
guitar stringing uncles who never left
the porch, still dream of being famous
country singers.

Toothpick, tipped hats and sunset
linger as four generations come from
four corners to eat, pray, fuss and laugh
themselves into stories of a kinfolk,
at a country soiree, down in the delta. – Parneshia Jones


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