Plug of the Month: Michelle Phan

I’m starting something new today. If you haven’t already guessed, it’s a monthly plug. Once a month I get to tell you all about something I really like and why I think you should really like it too. Also, if you say the title really fast, it sounds like ‘Pluggadamunt’, which is fun for me. I might try to make that a new word. maybe. It sounds like some kind of soft squishy creature.

Nothing is off limits for Pluggadamunt. Movies, stores, people, books, food, TV shows, and anything else that comes to mind. This is going to be my fun time, and maybe along the way you’ll be introduced to something new that you absolutely love. Yay!

This month’s plug is YouTube star Michelle Phan. I would say that she was my gateway drug of YouTube videos, because before I found her the amount of time I spent on YouTube was reasonable, but now…

Michelle started out filming basic makeup tutorials on her laptop back in 2007, and now she’s a millionaire with her own makeup line through L’Oreal. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start with her videos.

I think this video from 2011 is appropriate for the season. This would fall into the category of one of her full-face day looks. She also has natural, subtle, graphic, night, special occasion, costume, and skincare tutorials. And that’s just for makeup. In recent years Michelle’s added fashion, hair, how-to, and vlog tutorials (there, I think that covers all of them). The products she uses are extremely varied in cost – I’ve seen her use everything for Lancome and high end makeup to using things she has in her kitchen (she has a tutorial for a kitty litter face mask, which a little more adventurous than I’m willing to go).

I’ll admit, in general I don’t wear a lot of makeup. When I was in grade school, I had really bad acne and having makeup on my face just made it worse. The most I would be caught with was eyeliner and mascara, because my eyes weren’t red and splotchy, and keeping the focus there seemed like a good idea to me. Now that I’m a grown up and I’ve had a very good dermatologist fix my skin, I keep to pretty much the same routine, but if I can find an excuse to, it’s straight to YouTube. I’m all about that Romantic Blush for date night.

The main reason I watch Michelle’s videos (and the reason she’s such a success) is less about the makeup (though she does such a good job) and more about her personality. She makes her videos out of no obligation but that of her love for the art. She believes make-up is a form of self-expression, and she strives to help women (and girls) find their self and express it. She also takes time to talk about personal things going on in her life. She’s very quick to share her triumphs because, as she says, she would have no success without her viewers. Also, she’s kind of a geek, and I love that!

So how does a girl make millions making makeup tutorials? By being a friggin tank, that’s how. Michelle Phan started out with nothing but a laptop and a dream, which she grew and nurtured until she made it big. She’s an inspiration with the way that she did what she loved to inspire others to find their own inner-beauty. If you don’t believe me, take a gander at her Draw My Life video:

If you skipped the video, you should at least know this: she says that she likes the idea of makeup because it’s like creating your own superhero mask. Want to know why she needs a superhero mask? Go watch the video 😛

In 2013 she joined with L’Oreal and launched her own makeup line, which you can find at I bought her concealer several months ago out of loyalty and as a cover up for my tattoo (my ink is in a prominent spot, and he claimed that the concealer was highly pigmented). I can’t say that the concealer worked as a tattoo cover up, but I wouldn’t blame that fully on the product. The ink in the tattoo is black, which is hard to cover up anyway. On my face, however, it’s wonderful. Yesterday my mom said that she was glad that the dark circles under my eyes had faded, and my first thought was “Good job, Michelle.”

I could go on and on about Michelle’s many positive attributes and accomplishments, but most of her work speaks for itself, so if your interested, you can check out her YouTube channel, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, website, or makeup line (just click on the word :)).

And if you’re still in doubt of Michelle’s awesomeness, here she is being cute and and adorable and using her celebrity status for a good cause.


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