Poetry Tuesday: VII

Happy Poetry Tuesday!! This week I wanted to take a break from the serious and somber have something a little more fun. I had a tough time thinking of a subject, so I googled “funny poems” and I was not disappointed. I found a poem by Lewis Carroll called “Beautiful Soup,” and while I thought the poem itself was garbage, it did give me the inspiration I needed. So I present, without further ado…

A Sonnet for Soup

When leaves fall and cold wind blows,
With toes so numb and hands like ice,
A bowl of soup is something nice,
I’ll slurp it nice and slow.

I love all soup, don’t you know,
With creamy base or broth and spice,
Mummy’s or Campbell’s with meatballs or rice,
Though maybe not with crow…

If you give me a bowl and spoon,
And kindly point me towards the soup,
That will make me happy.
If to my plight you are immune,
That might throw me for a loop,
And then I will get slappy. -CEH


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