Poetry Tuesday: IX

Happy Poetry Tuesday! And Happy October! I’m so happy that the weather is finally starting to cool down and I can bust out my collection of man-sweaters. It also means that I have to start doubling up my socks to keep the blood pumping in my feet, but that’s neither here nor there.

I love doing things with a theme, so for the month of October, all of my posts with be related to…Taxes! Just kidding. They will be, predictably, related to Halloween. I know that it was October last week when I did my “History of Christianity” post, but I had already decided on that weeks before and I was going for it like a high-speed train. (Anyway, religious persecution is scary, right?)

So I’m going to kick things off with some spooky poetry. Last week I was out walking, (I take walks during my lunch break for exercise. Because I’m ancient.) and as soon as I passed the church down the street from my office, the noon bells started ringing. I’d never heard them before, so I don’t know if my building is super sound-proofed or it was just a special occasion. In any case, they were very loud. It was pretty startling, and there was a storm coming in that day so it was windy and the clouds were that scary story kind of dark. It was such a good setting that I just let my imagination go a little crazy and wander into the spooky place. The result? Today’s edition of Poetry Tuesday. Mwahahaha…

Apocalypse at Noon

The bells clang,
And the wind blows,
And the world disappears.

The only sounds
Are those bells,
And the leaves,
And my breath in my ears.

The sky goes dark,
The people are gone,
Not a car in the street.

The world is dying,
Or it’s already dead.
It’s just me,
And my lonely heartbeat.

The bells still crash,
They clang, they boom.
The buildings must be next.

It’s hard to breathe,
Can this be real?
Should I take another

The leaves swirl around me,
In a wild tornado.
The world and I are done.

The clouds are black,
They’ve swallowed up the sun.

The bells fade out,
The leaves lay down,
It’s the last before the doom.

But the people
And the cars,
They’re back
From their apocalypse at noon. – CEH


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