Poetry Tuesday: XIII

Happy Poetry Tuesday! I think after all that dark and scary business from last month, we need something a little lighter, so I took the liberty of writing a bawdy limerick, just because (it’s not terribly bawdy, but I really just wanted to use that word).

The Grass’ Limerick

There once was a small blade of grass,
that was stuck to a gentleman’s ass.
Now this wouldn’t be awful,
except for the fact
that the man had some terrible gas.

So the blade of grass flew away.
It found it could no longer stay.
It would rather be stepped on
and ground into the sidewalk
than be stuck with that rank smell all day.

Instead the grass fell into a pond,
which was great for our poor little frond,
for the water was cool and the day it was hot,
and the grass was at last free of his bond.

Until, of course, it was eaten by a duck. – CEH


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